Improved Forest Management

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As forests grow, trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester (hold) it within their biomass (trunk, branches, leaves and root systems). This sequestered carbon stock relies on the forest remaining intact.

Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects aim to protect existing forests. They are designed to maintain and increase carbon storage in forests, and/or reduce carbon emissions from forestry activities. IFM activities enable the forest to grow as sustainably and productively as possible. Forests grown and protected in this way also improve wildlife habitat, biodiversity, water quality and sustainable economic development.

IFM projects are typically set up in existing natural forests exploited for timber. Existing forest management practices are improved as part of such a project, e.g. through enrichment planting and climber cutting. During and after the project of improving forest management, forests may still supply timber in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner, making use of Reduced Impact Logging techniques.

In Sabah - Malaysia, we have been successfully working on an IFM project since the early 1990’s.